Case Studies

Ground Lug Case Study

Ground Lug

Ground Lug Casting from Lakeside Casting Solutions Lakeside Casting Solutions is one of the few die casters in the world that has the capability to cast internal threads.Utilizing this unique casting process our customer realized a significant cost savings by eliminating the secondary tapping operation.
Counter Weight Case Study

Counter Weight

Counterweight Casting Produced by Lakeside Casting Solutions to function properly, this family of product is very weight sensitive. Lakeside Casting Solutions has optimized our processes and machine monitoring to maintain the part weight to precise specifications.Also we can offer our customer three- to four-week lead times from prototype tools due to the fully equipped tool shop on site. Prototypes can be machined from solid or die cast from production intent soft tooling for small quantities.
Link Segment Case Study

Link Segment

Link Segment Casting Produced by Lakeside Casting Solutions Originally designed in plastic material, the plastic part failed durability testing. The part was redesigned in zinc material to improve strength and wear characteristics. When Lakeside Casting Solutions was contacted to build a prototype tool, our customer’s next scheduled product build was eight days away. Few die casters could accept the challenge put before us. However, with the help of our dedicated associates and onsite tool shop, we delivered 200 samples in time for the next product build.

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