Die Casting – Secondary Operations

Die Casting Secondary Operations
LCS knows the importance of efficiency. From prototype to production, we will offer cost-effective die casting solutions for your projects. Lakeside Casting Solutions offers these post-finish and prep secondary operations:

Thermal Deburr — This equipment is key in removing flash from areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Rotoblast — This equipment is used for flash and burr removal, casting preparation for coating, plating or paint adhesion.

Tumblers — Once the casted parts are ejected from the die cast mold, the tumbler is responsible for the removal of runners and overflows that are attached to the castings.

Machining — We use our innovative processes to eliminate costly secondary machining whenever possible. In addition, we are equipped to offer our customers a whole range of machining options.

Bushing Pressing — We perform bushing pressing for a variety of applications as an added service for our customers.

Pin Pressing — This is another example of LCS performing a full manufacturing role for our customers, we installed a pin pressing machine to complete the component build before packing and distribution on 18 different casted, component parts.

Thread Tapping — We are one of the few die casters that offers internal cast threads totally eliminating the secondary tapping operation. And, because some internal threads cannot be casted, we also offer secondary tapping services.
Die Casting Secondary Operations

Coating, Plating & Painting

LCS works with our customers to meet critical requirements through plating, coating and painting for the following custom post-casting operations:

Conductivity and resistance
RFI and EMI shielding
Decorative and graphics
Corrosion protection
Thermal conductivity
Color coding
Surface sealing
Abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance
High and low reflectivity

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