Die Casting Solutions


LCS offers our valued customers solutions through innovative design and processes. Our goal is to produce a functional part that exceeds its application. Examples of solutions include internal cast threads, insert casting, eliminating post operations, metal savers and prototyping.

Tool Design & Engineering

LCS engineering team has over 150 years of combined experience in tool design and manufacturing of zinc die castings. We offer design assistance to all our valued customers.

Die Casting Machine Technologies

LCS uses several different sizes and types of die casting machines. LCS builds our own machines with electronic interface, using a controlled Windows operating system, to offer our customers flexibility and the most efficient production of their die cast components.

Four-Slide Die Casting

Four-slide die casting technology provides greater design freedom. Unlike conventional die casting machines, our four-slide die casting machines are capable of pulling the mold from the casted part from all four directions.


When a company partners with LCS, they are exposed to the latest technical innovations and quality processes available in the world; starting with the initial NDA, continuing through the tool design stage and right in to production. We take personal pride in offering precision zinc die castings.

Value-Added Assembly

LCS understands the importance in offering our value-added services beyond the die casting component. We perform simple to technical assemblies for several of our customers. This value-added service helps our customers reduce production costs.

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