Frequently Asked Questions

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Why cast zinc?

Zinc offers several advantages to product designers:

  • Zinc is the fourth most popular material in the metal working industry
  • Zinc has 60 percent the strength of steel
  • Zinc tools offer up to 10 times more life expectancy compared to other casting material
  • Zinc has thin wall capabilities; it often can be cast with zero draft and to net shape
  • Zinc is machinable

Management Team:

What is four-slide technology?
Four-slide technology offers designers, design freedom. Unlike conventional die cast machines, our four-slide die cast machines are capable of pulling the mold from the casted part from all four directions.

What is the most common zinc alloy?
The most common alloy used is #3. However, LCS offers a wide variety of zinc alloys suitable for specific component requirements.

Does LCS only cast zinc alloys?
Yes, LCS specializes in four-slide zinc die casting.

Where is Monroe City, MO?
Our facility is strategically located in the northeast corner of Missouri, approximately 90 miles north of St. Louis.

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