Lakeside Casting Solutions specializes in high-pressure zinc die casting. Our proven processes offer our valued customers consistent, quality components. We also offer post operations and assembly, as well as plating and coating.

Located in Monroe City, MO, we provide:
  • Engineering solutions to ensure casting quality
  • Casting solutions to reduce your cost
  • Assembly solutions to improve production
  • Coating, plating and painting solutions for simplified service
  • Complete product processing solutions for on-time delivery
Our goal is to develop partnerships with our customers to provide die castings of the highest quality and the lowest cost through innovative processing and design. Get greater design flexibility with our four-slide die casting technology!

Doing Business with LCS
LCS combines experience, value, communication and flexibility to form partnerships with our customers. We understand the competitive marketplace hurdles facing our customers and use our extensive resources to develop specific solutions. Our customer partnership starts with the initial NDA and continues through the design stage and final production. We also work with you to create a quality system for your components, ensuring critical specifications are monitored and maintained. This business approach is why our satisfied customers know LCS is the right choice for zinc die castings.

In 2002, five individuals with 150 years of combined experience in the design and production of zinc castings formed Lakeside Casting Solutions. Their unique skill set makes them the perfect team to build and design their own four-slide die casting machines.

The four-slide machines at Lakeside Casting Solutions offer fully compatible touch-screen PLC technology that is Windows-based and completely compatible with any PCs throughout LCS. Customers appreciate the way we’ve upgraded our die casting machines to communicate with Windows-based PCs.

In 2005, we already had outgrown our building, so property was purchased and a new facility was built. In 2007, Lakeside Casting Solutions expanded our facility again to meet the increasing demand for design and production of zinc castings.
Management Team:

Chuck Mudd, President | cmudd@lakesidecasting.com

Tony Miller, COO | TMiller@lakesidecasting.com

Ron Burditt, Engineering & Product Manager | rburditt@lakesidecasting.com

Roch Buckman, Purchasing Manager | RBuckman@lakesidecasting.com

Randy Parn, QA Manager | RParn@lakesidecasting.com

Chris Mudd, Production Manager | Chrismudd@lakesidecasting.com
Business Commitment
LCS is committed to our valued customers’ project success. We offer solutions through design assistance by using our extensive knowledge of die casting. Our business philosophy is to provide our customers with consistent, high-quality die cast components while providing unmatched customer service.

LCS is a proud member of the North American Die Casting Association.

ISO 9001
The Quality Management System of LCS is certified ISO 9001. This is a certification for a supplier of die castings and sub-assemblies to the automotive industry and non-automotive industries.

Focused on the Future
Since our inception in 2002, Lakeside Casting Solutions hasn’t looked back. We have experienced consistent growth through developed partnerships, with companies seeking professional services for their Zinc component needs. Our services have expanded to include insert casting, internal cast threads, secondary operations and assemblies, as well as plating & coatings. With an onsite tool shop, our valued customers experience design assistance, focused on efficient options for their Zinc casted component needs.

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